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The Signal Monitor is a handy tool which can be used to either adjust your digital TV antenna, or when used with digital cable TV, to know if your digital signal is too weak to receive a signal without distortion.

Given identical broadcast conditions, a digital TV signal won't travel as far as an analog TV signal because terrestrial constraints affect it more than analog. Things that affect reception include roofs, walls, hills, trees, the wind, etc.

This is an awesome ible! As I was working along I noticed that when I opened the configuration_ file the window did not open in the status area of the IDE. The window can be opened from Window-->PIC Memory Views-->Configuration Bits.

Our reputation for producing durable, appealing and affordable  name badges  precedes us, and we are committed to providing name badges that suit your corporate needs, whether it be for staff members, conferences, or promotional events. We have a wide range of name badges to suit all types of budgets.

Ah, yes. So you spend hundreds on a smartphone or cellphone, get stuck with a 2-year contract with high monthly fees, and a sticker--

Signal in linux can be send using kill system call just check this link for documentation of kill system call and example. you can see man -2 kill also. and it's not advisable to use SIGINT use SIGUSR1 or SIGUSR2

It may help you to know that an O2 mobile signal booster is a bi-directional amplifier to boost your original cell signal.  They are also known as repeaters or amplifiers.  They aid in receiving and re-transmitting signals at a higher power than the initial signal.  Thus, you get stronger signal ability and in a much wider coverage area than you had previously.

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Recommendation: If you are facing problems with the loss of Wi-Fi connectivity on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch? Try, restart your device and/or reset the Wi-Fi router password .

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Below is a Quick Sweep measurement of a high pass filter created by inserting a 470 pF capacitor in the test loop. When loaded by the input impedance of the sound card the series capacitor forms a high pass filter with -3 dB frequency at around 300 Hz. Note the total absence of any sound card response error. Only the response of the actual filter is measured when sound card correction is employed.

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