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We love everything about Essence. Recently moving interstate, going to Essence was like finding a new home. The community is supportive, welcoming, kind and FUN! No matter what we're feeling, there's always a class to suit... whether it be super sweaty active Pilates, bliss filled yin or challenging flow yoga, we love that we can just book in at the touch of a button and get our Essence fix! The best thing is that we've found an exercise that we both actually love that has made our bodies leaner and stronger and our minds clear and stress-free!

In philosophy, essence is the property or set of properties that make an entity or substance what it fundamentally is, and which it has by necessity, and ...

What’s the World Cup you remember the most?
Can I name two? (laughs) It wasn’t because we ended up being world champions, but 1970 was my first World Cup as a member of the coaching staff and I remember everything about it: working with Pele; us becoming the first three-time world champions in history. And then, because of the difficulties we had, 1994, when I was head coach. We’d gone 24 years without winning it, something that Brazil fans were not happy about at all. There was a lot of pressure and it was very tough. Those are the two, but they’re all very special.

Did you know that 56 million people suffer from hair loss in the United States alone. When most people think of hair loss, they think of men. However, hair loss only [...]

Deep Condition — 17
Clarifying Treatments — 17
Blowout – 41
Weekly Blowout – 27
Blowout with Haircut – 60

Note: 24 hours notice is required for any cancellations, otherwise a charge of 50% of the treatment cost will be incurred.

Think of floating as a vacation from your mind and body. Life is full of noise and constant input with no time to simply lay down and enjoy the present moment. Often times our lives are quite hectic without us even realizing we need to take a second to step back and breathe.


Essence Festival 2018 July 5th - 8th | Essence

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